10 October 2014

  • Argue to get a deeper meaning
  • Use vertical bullet points

Listening to others teaches us new things

  1. Teaches us new things
  2. Claire Giannaula “Teaches us how to listen”
  3. Eljin Gorman “Create new Knowledge”
  4. Tyler Scott “learning more about language”
  • When you attach a name it helps you recall
  • You need to be able to say that “blank” said that
  • Establish linkage with names
  • Refer to notes clearly
  • We assume that we know how language works
  • Its about talking, listening, paying attention to how language works, and going back and clarifying
  • Ethan Bussell “Keeping notes helps us relate back”
  • Drew Laramie “This is not the standard class where things get dumped on you. We learn as a group”
  • Don’t allow stuff to sit on your brain till the test is over
  • That is not learning
  • It is like a fake tattoo that stays for a day
  • We  put stuff on the surface and hold it till the test then we wash it off not learning anything
  • Acts of revision
  • Pay attention to how we talk and write
  • Same thing in writing except there isn’t 30 people to have a conversation with you just have the conversation with yourself
  • Molly Appel “It is hard to revise because it sounds ok to you”
  • Revising is an art of holding a conversation with your paper
  • Josh Plutt “isn’t as critical as it should be”
  • How do you toughen up
  • Jared Adkins “Make mistakes so that we can change them”
  • Bill thinks that is lazy
  • A revision of paper should take twice as long as the amount of time spent on initial draft
  • Bill started his letter on September 15 and it is due October 30
  • Bill has had 15 revisions since October 1st on his letter

In the workforce you are required to write:

  1. Memos
  2. Incident reports
  3. Job evaluations
  4. Work orders
  5. Resume
  6. Application
  7. Cover letter
  8. Business plan
  9. Loan application
  10. Job description
  11. Manual of work
  • Participation changes us and gives us confidence to fail or risk on calling for help
  • This class is for life
  • Be comfortable and aware of language or get left behind and struggle
  • Ben Miller “We are surrounded by language. Pay attention”
  • Bill Mangrum “I live in a world where language is everywhere and it is required to be attentive to language and speaking. Practice the art of care for words to say exactly what I want to say.”
  • It is important to be aware of our voice so people don’t speak for us
  • Reading, speaking, writing, and thinking carefully helps make the world a better place
  • Care about words
  • All conversations matter
  • Try to be comfortable with words and language at a simple level
  • Speak up to change the world around us
  • We play with papers and pump out words without looking at it
  • People just play with the keyboard when writing papers
  • If you don’t have your paper it lessens your creditability
  • If you are not prepared you will get fired

Learning others’ names helps with recalling important information at a later time. To become more comfortable with language, take notes and listen to others. Speak up so others know that you have a voice.

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