12 November 2014

  • Reading aloud raises questions
  • We have been taught to be passive
  • We say “I feel” instead of being confident
  • Read from a lifted book to lift your voice
  • Molly Appel thought the reading was “Heavy, dense, not exciting, lots of big words”
  • There were a lot of quotes in the reading
  • There were many texts presented as one
  • Words that we don’t understand disorientate us
  • We don’t see the point of reading
  • As scholars what would we do with the text
  • Some would have read the text
  • Some would have skimmed the text
  • Some found it dense and boring
  • A true or false test doesn’t measure if you understood
  • Write down what you understand

To help understand text:

  1. Circle and Lookup ¬†words you don’t know
  2. Collaborate
  3. Annotate
  4. Craft Connections
  5. Reread
  6. Use other resources
  7. Draw pictures
  • We are a source of knowledge
  • Think not repeat
  • Identify yourself as a source and confidence will grow

Be more confident in writing. Work in groups when you don’t understand a reading. Reread texts that you don’t understand, but the second time circle words you don’t know the meaning of.




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