12 September 2014


Three Rules:

1. Come to class-even if you have a hangover

2. Write everything down

3. Talk to your peers

  • There is a glow run tonight at 7 pm.
  • You can run a 5 k or walk a 3 k
  • There will be glow paint
  • If you want to volunteer meet at the clock tower at 6:30 pm
  • The run is to raise awareness of sexual assaults
  • Sexual assault happens more than it is reported
  • If you have been sexually assaulted and want to talk to someone anonymously you can go to fortlewis.edu/tellsomeone
  • You can also contact SAYSO (Sexual Assault Support Organization)
  • If you go to the glow run tonight and interview people Bill will give you extra credit
  • Talk about self assessment
  • Make a list of words like self assessment

Other Words like self assessment:






  • These words can be written as verbs or nouns
  • Matthew Jandebeur said “criticism is a usually negative and observe is noticing good and bad”
  •  Ethan Bussell said “that criticism can be negative, but that it can be used as a tool to improve”
  • Molly Appel said “evaluate goes over everything collected and reflecting is to think back on past experiences”
  • Bill said you should not use vague words like “pretty much, kinda, sorta”.
  • John Gentner said ” in my mind evaluate means looking back objectively”
  • Bill thought that John Gentner had confidence by using the words “In my mind”
  • Success is when you dig down
  • Evaluate is more proper

Words that go together:




  • Objective is outside while reflect is inside.
  • John Gentner said “Evaluate is looking at what you have done by a set standard. Reflection is in the mind. It is thought mostly kept to your self”
  • I think evaluate is what you do to someone else
  • Your paper is improved with words you know
  • Don’t B.S. or lie
  • Take control of your language and actually know what you are saying
  •  Tyler Scott said “Never agree with anybody”
  • Bill said “Why say things like I really agree with that and have a 45 minute discussion and they say I agree with everything that has been said.”
  • Students have been trained to make noise so teachers will skip to the next person
  • Joe Bruemmer said “We get nervous when we make stupid entrance words”
  • Be serious about our language
  • Josh Plutt hates the world
  • Care about language and the sounds we make
  • There is a lot of fear about being corrected
  • It is scary to be told you are wrong
  • Some never pay attention to words because no one will listen
  • It take one event or experience to feel like no one is interested
  • In college force yourself to be heard
  • Don’t wait for teachers
  • Get information to succeed
  • Bill has failed as a teacher before
  • Care about language
  • Vague words signal you don’t know
  • If you don’t know say that you appreciated them calling on you but you didn’t understand what was said
  • Most people gloss over with I agree and won’t put their selves forward

Three Steps to say you don’t understand:

1. Gratefulness: Thanks for asking

2. Acknowledge: I don’t understand

3. Ask Another: Ask the student and not the teacher

  • Bill was impressed that Josh Plutt said ” You have to show the teacher you are willing to learn”.
  • Josh Plutt had started to say kinda but stopped and corrected himself

There are many words that are associated with the term self-assessment like criticize and evaluate. Pay attention to the words you use and know what they mean. When you have been called on and you don’t understand the question, thank the student for asking you, tell them you don’t understand, and then ask them to clarify.

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