13 October 2014

  • Bring your book
  • Write in your book
  • Bring your notebook
  • We are working on foundational skills
  • Note taking is critical to success
  • Every time you write you are working at your hand-eye-ear coordination
  • The act of writing notes is like swinging a bat; if you don’t swing you’re not hitting
  • Visit the blog
  • If it is complicated expect less of others and more of yourself
  • Language causes things to happen
  • Tools become routine
  • You don’t have to think about it
  • Language has become operationalized
  • Try to step back and make it conscious
  • Having paper and pen out is operationalized
  • We are not aware of how much to learn
  • Don’t let taking notes, listening, and talking be operationalized
  • The Subject is the person directly participating in the activity
  • The more complicated it is the earlier you should start
  • Fear is not a friend
  • We are afraid of failure
  • Americans believe success is effort at the moment of action
  • Success starts way earlier
  • People think they don’t have to put in effort and they still can succeed

If something is Complicated:

  1. Invest more time
  2. Take more time
  3. Don’t have fear
  • Self assessment due Saturday by 5pm
  • Write self assessment in MLA format
  • End it with the grade you think you have earned
  • Don’t whine or complain
  • Use a table
  • Make it rigorous
  • Be responsible for your own learning

List all the things we have done

  1. Assignments
  2. Articles
  3. Blogging
  4. Cohort groups
  5. Sitting in the circle
  6. Papers written
  7. Time on task
  8. Notes

Our learning has become operationalized. We are not putting in the time necessary to learn.



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