14 November 2014

  • Memory is a key aspect of learning
  • We don’t push students to recall
  • We are trained to study for a test then dump it
  • Text can be potentially active
  • Text can change the way people think or feel
  • Retro is speaker
  • Text can be anything
  • This conversation is a text
  • Notes are text from other text
  • Collaborate
  • We make sense by working together
  • Hello has potential to be active or create a response
  • Sign language is a gesture we don’t know the meaning
  • Linguistic test and gestural text transfer meaning
  • We utter common things in class that are potentially active
  • We say things that become costume to us
  • Shrugging shoulders is a gesture
  • Understanding words as isolated units doesn’t help with the context of the sentence
  • We make meaning together
  • Each of us has the power to make knowledge
  • Emotion is connected with learning
  • Context says a lot about if we feel safe
  • Fear of failure
  • We don’t try because we don’t want to be wrong
  • We don’t see ourselves as potential knowledge makers so we shut down
  • Most people are passive
  • Pressure is related to fear of failure

Students forget information after they are tested on it. When we collaborate as a group, we are making meaningful knowledge. All kinds of text have the potential to be active.


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