15 September 2014

  • The only way to read or own a book is to have a conversation with it
  • Write in the margins
  • Disagree with the authors
  • Make it your own book
  • Read the Top 20 mistakes professors will catch
  • Focus on the Top 5 and then you are already doing great
  • The first mistake is wrong word choice
  • If you fix wrong word choice don’t rely on Microsoft
  • The computer can put wrong words in
  • An example is right instead of write
  • Computers are not responsible for your errors
  • Steps for making blog
  • Turn on computer and sign in
  • Open browser window and type blogs.fortlewis.edu
  • Click on Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to get your own blog
  • Create Blog
  • Login
  • Click on Dashboard to see blog
  • Go to settings and change title to last name, first name middle initial/comp-150-sec-11-fall2014
  • Change time zone to Denver
  • Leave the other settings alone
  • Go to settings, then reading
  • Uncheck box to allow your blog to go public
  • In a college setting thereĀ are three hours of homework for each hourĀ of class
  • Not including major projects
  • Bill will give us two hours and thirty minutes for homework
  • Take thirty minutes to set up the blog
  • Then type up the notes from this class
  • A blog is the forum
  • A comment is a remark on someone else’s blog
  • A response is when you reply to someone else’s comment
  • This blog will leave a permanent record of our notes

You make a book your’s when you read it and write in the margins. This blog will give us a record of the notes we take.

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