17 September 2014

  • Joshua Plutt “What do you call a bunch of cats on a mountain?….A prrramid”
  • Bill could allow bad jokes if we analyzed them
  • If we didn’t Bill could be brought up on sexual harassment charges
  • Matthew Jandebeur “I invented a new word….Plagiarism”
  • You have to be aware of the audience that you are telling the joke to
  • Jokes have to do with knowledge, the audience, and timing
  • If you throw out the punch line without a pause it won’t be funny
  • Timing comes from the Greek word Chronos
  • Having to do with chronological, chronicle, chronometer-measuring time chronically
  • Another Greek word for time is Kairos
  • Sensing when the right time to deliver the punch line of a joke is Kairos
  • Add a printer plug in to your blog
  • Think of yourself as a designer
  • You can’t control who looks at your blog
  • Blog needs to be organized
  • Readers need to be able to read blog
  • Use vertical list with bullets
  • Text Bill if you are going to miss class
  • Move beyond generalities when commenting on another’s post

Timing is important when delivering jokes. There are two different kinds of time. Chronos has to do with chronological time and kairos is the right moment in time.



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