19 November 2014

  • Comp is fun
  • Josh Plutt “Pretty much every text can be potentially active”
  • Focus on the potential rather than the active
  • Ignoring doesn’t take away the potential
  • Silence is a response
  • Afraid of being confused
  • Stress brought on by measure of time with confusion
  • I have to get it done by
  • It is not confusion that brings stress but time
  • When we need an answer we get stressed
  • Confusion with a deadline is stressful
  • The claim confusion isn’t the problem
  • Confusion is the exigent to understanding
  • Confusion with lots of time leads to procrastination
  • Confusion is the same and doesn’t change
  • If we haven’t done research than we don’t have enough to say
  • It takes time to write well
  • We underestimate how much time it takes to write
  • Content comes in a package
  • Focus on arrangement
  • Think of style

Good PapersĀ Need:

  1. Invention–What you want to say
  2. Arrangement–What order will you say it
  3. Style–Appeal to audience

We get stressed because our time has run out and we are confused. Understanding exists because of confusion. When writing a paper, say what you want in an appeal order for the audience.

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