20 October 2014

  • Sister Helen Prejean will be on campus
  • Write a 1,000 word essay on what you attended

Attend either:

  1. One hour talk in the gym at 7pm with Sister Helen Prejean
  2. A reading at 4 pm or 7 pm in the Recital Hall within Jones Hall
  • There were issues with the previous papers we turned in
  • Formatting issues
  • Papers were written at a high school level
  • There were no examples
  • There were no quotes
  • There were no work cited
  • This is not to shame us or make us feel bad
  • Go forward with no excuse
  • We are scholars in a professional environment
  • Know what we need to rise to
  • Don’t hand in papers with bad format
  • The mid-term grade has nothing to do with the final grade
  • Bill considers it 2 classes
  • Bill doesn’t penalize us for the first 7 weeks
  • The first 7 weeks is for us to become comfortable and set the bar
  • Help and encourage each other
  • Presentation of paper is IMPORTANT
  • Sloppiness can be fixed
  • Everything needs to be professional
  • Time on task

Work on Three thing:

  1. Presentation
  2. Depth–examples, illustrations
  3. Work Cited

Our final grade doesn’t depend on our mid-term grade. We have a chance to improve our grade and self. The presentation of a paper should be professional and not sloppy.

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