24 September 2014

  • Whats about not evening trying
  • Make knowledge
  • People come to college and memorize stuff
  • Each class cost $24.73
  • Groups are for when we are confused
  • The school gets your money whether you engage or not
  • It is up to us to get our moneys’ worth
  • Intertextuality
  • We make connections to movies, places, etc. and bring them into our writings leaving traces of meaning from other places
  • Work on expanding phrases
  • Get meaning out of phrases
  • Apply prior knowledge to what we know
  • Brainstorm
  • Ethan Bussell “Apply it to yourself”
  • Molly Appel “If you are not trying you are not getting anywhere”
  • There is brainpower in the classroom
  • It takes time to be smart
  • What does try mean
  • Try is a verb used over and over without knowing what it means
  • We have 24 students
  • There are 13 grades in school
  • That is 312 years of education between all of us

Meaning of Try:

  1. Pursue
  2. Attempt
  3. Effort
  4. Apply to achieve a goal or accomplishment
  5. Explore something new
  • Jessika Sowle “Apply yourself fully to achieve something”
  • Try has a cluster of meanings
  • Trying is life
  • Try is a common word that is not easy to define
  • If you add in succeed then try becomes connected to an outcome
  • Pursue sounds constant
  • Try is limited to a time
  • We still don’t have a clear definition of try
  • Look it up in the dictionary, but how did it get in the dictionary
  • We have been socialized to not think
  • Eljin Gorman ” Find the definition by looking at the opposite word”
  • Look at root word
  • Contextualize definition of try
  • We hear a word and give it meaning using tone and facial expressions
  • Hallmark built a billion dollar market using word Love but they never define it
  • We never stop the conversation we just pause it

A simple word like try is hard to define. Context, tone, and facial expression can all be used to help define a word. In my mind, trying is attempting to achieve a task.

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