27 October 2014


Today we are writing non-stop. I can’t stop writing. I can write with anything like a crayon or marker. I can write about anything I want. It is nice outside. The weather is cool.  Perfect weather. I have bad allergies though. I want to go to the dog park when I get home. I will take Leo and Xoey with me to the dog park. Xoey is my brother’s girlfriend’s dog. I live with my brother and his girlfriend. They never take the dogs to the park.

Bill gave us 3 topics to write about: Our left foot, candy, the end of the world

My left foot is on the left side of my body. I use my left foot with my right foot to walk. I have a black sock on my left foot. My left foot is in my Texas lone star shoe. I miss Texas. I want to go home. I remember Halloween back in Texas. My mom and I always decorated for Halloween. We had bats coming out of the trees and lights hanging and we put out blow-up ghosts, skeletons, and cats. Then I would go trick-or-treating and get lots of candy. My neighborhood is really big and the houses are close together, so you can get lots of candy fast. This year my brother, his girlfriend, and I are going to go trick-or-treating in town. My brother, Brandon, goes to school at Fort Lewis too. I hope we get lots of candy. I’m dressing up as a pumpkin. I got the costume from the thrift store for $1. I bet there will be people dressed up as zombies. If the people dressed as zombies actually turned into zombies, then the world would end. The end of the world might be cool. There would be no more work or school. I would want to buy a gun, so I could kill all the zombies. I know Brandon would want to kill zombies too. Although if the zombies could run, I think I would probably die right away because i’m fat and can’t run fast. I could trip someone and get away if zombies were chasing me. I would also be very worried about my mom, dad, and sister, because we all live in different states. My sister, Kaylyn, lives in Illinois and my mom and dad live in Texas.  We would have to meet up somewhere, but I am not sure where we would go.  If cellphones stopped working, I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of them. We have family in Oklahoma, so that would be a good place to meet. My dad is from Oklahoma.

  • Make connections
  • Don’t just separate the topics
  • Build relationships
  • Scholars make connections
  • See how things are related and how to build a relationship
  • Nothing is right or wrong
  • Make knowledge

When given multiple topics to write about, try and make connections. Relate the topics to one another and build relationships.

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