3 September 2014

  • Old White Man (OWM)
  • Participate
  • Write everything down
  • Aware of learning style
  • Active writing is taking notes
  • Need to know different genres
  • Pen to paper
  • Challenge
  • Papers fail because they make claims that they can’t back up
  • Have evidence
  • We have conversations with books, movies, and cell phones
  • Conflict is inside regret
  • Students lose professors at beginning of papers
  • Use paragraphs for breaks
  • It is not about good or bad but about learning
  • All papers double spaced
  • Think about reader
  • Old people don’t see or hear good
  • Can’t make assumptions about what is important
  • Children do not yet know how to hide inside their body
  • Transfer
  • Higher education is a big business
  • Use information outside of class room
  • Do you ever think “Will I use this outside the class”
  • Does this class transfer or is it just using money for credits
  • It all depends on you
  • Time on task

Actively participate in class by taking notes. When you make a claim, be sure you can back it up. Transfer the information learned from this class to the real world, so you don’t waste money.

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