5 November 2014


Add three tabs to blog:

  1. My Class Notes
  2. About Me
  3. Credits
  • My class notes will be a parent page
  • Putting up motes helps with typing and formatting linguistic text in a digital platform
  • It also gives a record
  • Take notes and then blog them
  • 30 pages of notes
  • Work at format
  • Use hyper links and bullet points
  • Hyper link when you quote another student
  • Get skills in digital platform
  • Citations acknowledge other sources
  • It is not complicated but it takes time
  • Be aware of what you are learning when you are typing
  • Reflect on what you typed
  • Make choices of what to highlight or ignore
  • At the end of the page write 2-5 sentences on what is important
  • Evaluating notes is a skill
  • It takes time to organize notes in a digital environment
  • Highlight
  • Expand
  • Watch what happens as you retype the notes
  • Go back and highlight important bullet points

Taking notes is an important part of learning. When you type your notes on the blog, you are creating a digital record. Be sure to hyper link another student if you quote them.

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