7 November 2014

  • Did I put up course notes: NO
  • Bill let us out of class early on November 5th so we could put up notes on the blog
  • I did not put up the notes
  • 21 students in class today
  • Construct a list of what everybody learns so we can share the knowledge

Andrew Owens :

  1. MLA format was wrong
  2. Font changed in the paper
  3. Didn’t capitalize the words in the title

Josh Plutt:

  1. Moved in and out of 2nd person and 3rd person
  • Establish audience and be clear
  • Can’t avoid biases
  • Compromised by human condition
  • Acknowledge biases so we can look at them
  • As a scholar learn how to see biases as what they are
  • If we acknowledge biases then we can change hand and write
  • Work against biases
  • Conflicts are triggered by our biases
  • If we know our biases then we can deal with them
  • In conflict, we are triggered by our biases
  • Biases are lenses you usually look through; when you put it on it is normal, but when you take it off it is a lens
  • Put the pencil in the other hand
  • The world is mostly designed for right handed people
  • We are shaped by our biases
  • Biases need to be examined
  • You don’t question what feeds you, but you question what feeds others
  • The title sets up readers
  • Identify your biases, write them down, and keep them with you

Everyone has biases that shape them, but if they identify their biases, then they can deal with them. Readers are set up by the title of a paper.


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