8 October 2014

  • Take responsibility for learning
  • Check email every day
  • Preliminary work at beginning
  • In papers refer to other students by name
  • Break down the stereotype that learning isn’t fun
  • You learn to write by listening to a lecture is not true
  • Language builds relationships with people
  • Listen to sounds they make
  • If you care you are more interested
  • Need to care for one another
  • Talk to each other
  • Get a sense of community
  • Know class mates names
  • Talk together about the aspect of learning
  • Take notes to help with other classes
  • Writing is not just a mental activity
  • Taking notes is a physical activity
  • When taking notes, you are in touch with your body
  • The more you write the more comfortable you become
  • It builds awareness of language
  • Use MLA format
  • Eljin Gorman had a bad teacher who didn’t plan for the future and wasn’t motivating
  • Jessika Sowle had trouble writing and wasn’t learning from the errors that were corrected
  • Sammy Smith didn’t read until he was 12 and it was a very traumatic experience
  • Help win the battle so you don’t have to be ashamed
  • Taking notes is the front line for winning the war
  • Everyday you will become more comfortable with writing
  • We are doing battle against fear of not knowing
  • The war against language and people is fought by taking notes
  • You have to want to be a better writer
  • You have to work to be a better writer
  • Kaitlyn Martin thought she was a good writer until she took an advanced writing class sophomore year
  • People get discouraged when they think the rules of writing are always the same
  • Most people ignore the challenges that other people whose second language is English face
  • Professors have a difficult time making adjustments for people whose second language is English
  • Care about language and the sound it makes
  • Get a sense of rhythm
  • Racism is connected to language
  • This class is equipping us for the world
  • When you read, see a connection
  • Connect with pencil in hand

Language can help you connect with your classmates. Paper should be in MLA format. Taking notes helps you become a better writer.


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