8 September 2014

  • If your phone goes off in class, then you have to bring the class candy
  • Check your email every day
  • When writing an email use proper grammar, word choice, paragraphs, paragraph breaks
  • Every time you write you are working on your writing
  • Shaking hands is a welcoming gesture
  • Use spatial communication to close space
  • Sit up front to close gap
  • The act of writing is an act of training your brain
  • When taking notes, you are listening and moving your hand
  • The act of writing is an act of putting sound onto paper
  • Writing is the first way to make sound recordings
  • Writing is a way to make sound recordings that can be passed on
  • A word is only an agreement we make to arrange a sound
  • The difference between people and animals is that we learned how to return sounds
  • Words are agreement society made
  • A paper is like a musical score
  • You are writing a sound score
  • Get inside the brain of the audience to control how they hear your sounds
  • Make the writing sound the way you want
  • Manipulate the brain

When you write a word on a piece of paper, you are recording the sound of the word you wrote. Writing a paper is like writing a musical score. Arrange the words in the paper the way you want the audience to hear it in their minds.

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