About My Research

Let me tell you a little about my research topic, the process I went through to get all the information I needed and my experience of the writing process (what I learned about myself as a writer).

ABOUT MY TOPIC- For this paper I researched Asperger’s syndrome, which is often considered a mild form of autism. There has been debate in the scientific community about how to define and classify Asperger’s syndrome in the DSM. I used the concept of hive mind (like the way bees work together, a collective conscience, aliens and stuff) to explore people with Asperger’s and their differences from average people. This exploration of Asperger’s through the lens of  hive mind lead me to discover many interesting things about people with the condition and the way they fit (or more like don’t fit) into today’s society.

ABOUT MY RESEARCH PROCESS- When we were told that we could research anything we wanted my mind automatically went to psychopathy (the studying of psychopaths). Alas after exploring that area of scholarly conversation I couldn’t find a way to contribute my own ideas. So I moved on to sociopaths and that lead to comparing and contrasting the diagnostic methods of sociopaths and people with Asperger’s. This sadly still did not work so I focused on Asperger’s and its conflict in the scientific world. Getting all the information needed for my literature review was long and draining but after nights of reading a multitude of scientific papers I finally had what I needed and getting the literature review done was a great feeling and I am very proud of it!

ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE- So writing has never been my strongest subject (I am mildly dyslexic) but I enjoy writing none the less. I enjoyed parts of this paper and other parts left me staring at a blank word document with no idea what to write. The intro and literature review were relatively easy for me to write but I quickly discovered I am not very good at analytical writing. I struggled through getting what was required of my written. Although the road there was a long and painful journey I ended up being rather pleased with the final outcome of my paper and my final grade wasn’t that bad. Writing isn’t always easy but we’ve all got it in use to vomit information onto a page and then clean it up into something worthy of turning into a professor. You can do it!!

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