‘So What? The Writer’s Argument’ My Opinion.


When reading ‘So What? The Writer’s Argument‘ by Kurt Schick and Laura Schubert I was able to decide if I like this book or not right away. This book was an easy read, unlike a typical class text-book that seems to drag on. This book was clearly written for the students.  The book was solely focusing on the college students of all academic levels making it easy to connect to.

In the text I found that most times if not every time, included thoughts by the author in between the examples given. Thoughts that typically a student would announce when reading the text. An example of this being when the writer used a hypothetical question. This question/ situation was not a typical everyday action as it was first stated.  The author made a quick note stating that it indeed was not an everyday situation and continued with their point. When this occurred I found it humorous and made me want to continue to read. The examples of how to write/ read were very multimodal, keeping the writing from seeming to drag on. Some elements used that appealed to me the most were visual, spatial, and linguistic. By far my favorite part of this book is that at the beginning of each chapter a ‘chapter checklist‘ is provided.


(Book used in COMP 250 class)


For my COMP 250. class I was assigned a specific amount of time in order to complete the book by. I found that having this set amount of time made me focus on finding what I found most important in every chapter. Although I believe that reading the book so quickly deprived me or actually retaining, learning and understanding the material that was provided.

(Link to Book used in class)    http://global.oup.com/ushe/product/so-what-9780199949076;jsessionid=862878E16F233605097AAE20462F9D61?cc=us&lang=en&

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