Inquiry used in Exercise Science Physiology


During my COMP 250 class we discussed what the word inquiry means. After discussing our thoughts and opinions on our given word we came up with one definition for inquiry. Once decided we noticed that we had non verbally decided to make it a short and sweet definition.

Inquiry (noun): The process of obtaining knowledge through a question(s) and/or observation(s) that is relevant to the discourse. 

(Physiology of Human Body)

I have chosen Exercise Science Physiology as my major. A  question  that I have encountered is what may I inquire for my major and what can it be used for?

I must inquire information to help me figure out the scientific questions that are posed to me and to help be prepared for any questions that may come up when helping patients.

I may need to inquire

  • The structure of the human body 
  • Patients past history
  • Chemical reactions in the body 
  • How to safely treat a patient with an injury



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