Hindrances to Research



During my COMP250 class we discussed what can be a hindrance to research when working on a project. After going around the room and conducting our own research about the topic we came up with nine hindrances to research.

  • Too much information that we want to include.
  • Questions that start to lead to further questions.
  • Not knowing where to start your research.
  • Having language barriers.
  • Using fear as avoidance of being responsible.
  • Not knowing how to narrow your research.
  • Willingness to adapt your research when it is needed.
  • Willingness to be wrong.
  • A sense of knowing that what you write about now can be accurate but later it may not be as relevant or even wrong.


I have found in many of my research papers I have ended them with questions that I still had. I would go back to a paper that I wrote years ago and found that my view-point has completely changed. I now know that if I want to excel in writing I need to focus of these hindrances.  I am a stubborn person so it may not be easy but I believe that being aware of these hindrances will truly help me in my writing and research.

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