Questions with Sister Helen Prejean


For the questions and responses I would like to note that I have written them up in my own words.

Question: Is a life sentence with no parole  more humane than the death penalty?

Answer: No, it is not humane in any way. Life in prison is a hard hard life. Yes we have to do what we have to do to stay safe. But it is not humane.

Question: Was Gender a barrier for you in your fight for Sonnier?
Answer:  Not so much a gender thing more so that it wasn’t seen as appropriate. A feeling of walking on another persons turf with the men in the ministry.

Question: What has been your lowest point since the murder trials?
Answer: Not reaching out to LeBlancs family. (Since then Sister Helen Prejean has reached out to the families.)

Side quote from Sister Helen Prejean  : Increase your knowledge to increase your passion.

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  1. Are these questions from others? It would be helpful to understand what is going on in your post if you added a little more information on the subject.

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