How can we grade something that can not be given a number score?


To show that student‘s are learning the required material provided by the administrators the teachers are asked to post grades. Yes posting grades can be used to show improvement and understanding  of the given material but it does not account for many other factors. Letter grades can show that the student can regurgitate the material but how can we show that they are truly learning it.  The type of learning that lasts a lifetime. Fact of the matter is we can not. We can not guarantee that the students will retain the material that they learned even a semester ago. This can pose a problem when Untitledstudents pass one class to get into another but when push comes to shove they have forgotten the basics and now struggle to maintain a grade for the higher level class.

 Another problem is that the teacher can give the student material and tell them how to do it and they are  lost by how the material is shown to them. If a teacher uses a technique that is more of a show me what you learned rather than a tell me what you learned then the given scale can start to become flawed.

How can we give the student a letter grade? This is not an easy task to do if the teacher was originally given strict guidelines of how the assignment should be done but the student responds to a different proof of learning.

 When I was looking back at my past assignments I noticed all the mistakes and I was surprised. I was not surprised at the mistakes I had made, I was surprised by the lack of mistakes in my current assignments. This was proof of improvement. I realized how much I have learned and started to think about grades even more. If I gave myself a grade from the first week of class it would have been completely different than the grade I believe I deserve now.

In one of my past classes we discussed how grades can be seen as unfair if one student is a good test taker but doesn’t do the work in class and another does the work but doesn’t shine through on tests.

I believe a lot of times grading scales can have many flaws that are never given attention. During my COMP 250 Section 3 class when we discussed what grades would be appropriate to be included on CANVAS I was caught off guard. Yes we could be graded on attendance, participation and time on task assignments but it would seem that those would be a yes or no, 100 or 0 point assignment. Could those really be graded to show that the students are learning?  I believe that our blogs are proof that we are learning! Although, what administrator is going to take time to read the hundreds of students blogs to see that we are truly learning? Because of this I believe that the attendance, participation and time on task is a good way to grade but it does still seem very flawed.

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  1. I think our blogs are such beautiful evidence of learning. I like perusing everyones’ blogs and seeing how everyone digests class discussions. Also, they’re just a lot of freaking work. It’s really obvious who is and isn’t putting time in and getting something out of it.

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