10 December 2014/ 8:15- 9:15   : I have written a comment on Joey Spinelli’s blog suggesting he reorder his hyperlinks to make the page easier to navigate. On Erik Keil’s blog I suggested that on his parent Research project page he inserted direct URL to his other project pages. I suggested he hyperlinked to words that told the audience where they were navigating to. When looking at Brandon Rainbolt’s Blog I notices that for his research project annotated sources page he did not have any text sources. I suggested one article from our  Language: A Reader for Writers. by Gita DasBender that may be helpful to add.

7 December 2014/ 7:40-10:00 pm: I continued finalizing my edits to my research project. I have also added on the interviews I conducted over Thanksgiving break.

5 December 2014/ 8:15am-9:30 am: I have continued editing a word document for my research project. I have printed off the sections I have completed and cut them up to rearrange paragraphs to ensure that everything is in correct order.

13 November 2014/8:00pm-9:56pm: I have started citing my sources for my research project. I have also tried to find more sources that support my claims.

11 November 2014/6:00pm-7:05pm: Today I have gone over my notes to check if the sources that I originally found were still relevant since I changed my research question. I have started searching for interviews about doublespeak in the medical field, possibly a court case.

7 November 2014/ 8:05am-9:48am: I have edited a couple of my hyperlinks in my previous posts, but not all of them because I believe it shows that I have improved my hyper-linking and blogging skills. I have accepted comments on my blog. I have also finished typing up my notes from the blogathon as well as making adjustments to them.

2 November 2014/ 8:30pm-11:27pm: I have attended a blogathon today and was able to talk to students from COMP 250 Sections 3 and 4. We shared our thoughts about our classes and made connections between our majors. Through getting to know each other more I found it very easy to help my fellow scholars to brainstorm ideas for their research projects. I was able to start a post about my research project but around and hour and a half into blogging my computer died so I spent the rest of my time hand writing all of my ideas.

30 October 2014/ 8:15-9:25: Today I have looked over my blog and it’s set up and made a few changes to make it more appealing to its readers. I have also looked over my new cohort groups blogs and have helped them with their settings such as hyper-linking and how to add a calendar to their blog.

26 October 2014/ 5:08-5:40: I have begun to write a draft of my CANVAS blog post in a word document, I keep changing my opinions of the matter making writing this post challenging. I have been able to look at some fellow scholars posts to see if I can get any ideas. 6:00-6:33: Today I have read blogs from COMP 250 Section 4 and have chosen three to comment on. Fudala, Matthew‘s blog post ENVIRONMENTAL HARDSHIP . . . THREATENS OUR CULTURES?  I suggested that he used hyperlinks instead of putting media credits at the end of his post as well as how to add links.  On the blog post DISAGREEABLE BEHAVIOR OR D-BAG BEHAVIOR? by Murillo Vega, Jessie  I made a comment about one of the photos being used as offensive but also made a point to say that it did catch my attention to the post. The blog post CLASS AND JUMPING JACKS by Swartzendruber, Garret M. I suggested that he were to making the post more multimodal, less cluttered with bullet points. I also asked if he would consider editing his post to make it more appealing to his audience. 6:34-6:44 I started logging all of my work for COMP 250 Section four scholars. 7:00-9:00: I have sorted out my main ideas for my blog post on the word document and have worked on my final draft for my CANVAS blog post. I have made several revisions and have found photos that help make my post multimodal.

23 October 2014/ 8:04-9:48: Today I have written up the book discussion on Dead Man Walking into three blogs. Two of which include the discussion itself and my feelings during the discussion. The third includes some of the questions asked after the discussion, these Q&A’s are written in my own words.

21 October 2014/ 7:00-8:27: Today I attended Sister Helen Prejean’s discussion about her book Dead man walking:The Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty that Sparked a National Debate. I took notes on the discussion and notes on the Q&A after the initial discussion as well as took photos. 10:23-10:42 I added every student of COMP 250 Section 4 onto my blog links category. 10:50-11:00 I added links on my parent pages for the pages under them so that they are more accessible. 

19 October 2014/ 1:03-3:00: Today I started to edit my self assessment, slowly adding to it. 5:15-8:47:  I have completed my self assessment. I have made countless changes to my self assessment. During this time I have also looked at my fellow scholars blogs to check and see if they could inspire an idea that I would be able to incorporate into my own.

18 October 2014/ 3:10-5:20: Today I went to my fellow scholars blogs to find examples of what they did for their self assessments. I then edited my self assessment graph and started to type up what I wrote on paper for my self assessment. I was constantly rereading and editing my post.

16 October 2014/ 2:00-2:15: Today I put up a graph on my self assessment blog page to be shown as an example for the class.

13 October 2014/ 10:10-11:10: Today I edited my self assessment page by adding two additional pages under it. I also took time to view my instructors and fellow scholars blogs.

10 October 2014/ 8:15-9:25: Today I met with my cohort group and we discussed Taxonomy of Significant learning.  We discussed our annotations and how the paper was very straight forward. Very few questions were asked but discussing the content was very easy.

9 October 2014/1:25-2:15: Today I created new pages on my blog site. I also added hyperlinks to articles that will help with my new pages. I also created hyperlinks to every person in my COMP 250 Section 3 class.

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