Research Conclusion


During my research for my  argument on how language affects the medical field I ran into many questions that need further research.  Although I have many questions that need answering I believe that I have a steady base to conclude my research on. 

Language can create language bridges between patient and doctor but can just as easily create language barriers. Because of these barriers patients can become confused. Depending on if a Doctor is able to find time to explain everything to the patient or not can drastically affect the patients experience.

If the doctor cannot find a way to effectively communicate with a patient it then starts an avalanche of issues.  The patients view on the doctor and their given diagnosis can become blurred and dislike towards that specific doctor. If a patient is treated poorly or is misunderstood by another doctor this may cause a patient to have a poor view of all doctors. Because of other peoples experiences being shared with the poorly treated patient a dislike for the medical profession as a whole can ensue.

Because of the negative affects of language barriers in the medical field I would like to further my research to explore how doctors can become more effective in communicating with patients from all backgrounds.

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