Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is complex. However, it may not be fully applied academically. One is often drawn to a non-critical way of thinking due to the modern educational system.

I believe that conversing about critical thinking is different than thinking critically. An academic discussion about just this showed that students were hesitant to communicate with one another.

Agreeing with Lauren Watson, critical thinking stems from open-mindedness. An important step to take, mentioned by Taylor Hahn, is that reading past the surface of writing helps deem what is beneficial or unbeneficial.

I cannot always think this way. One day it’s easy and I have much to add to a conversation. Another day I will have a loss of words.

So, what should I do in order to efficiently conduct research? From this class discussion, I have formulated a few steps for myself to take:

1. Know the source

2. Come at a piece of writing with an open mind

3. Understand the context of the writing

4. Read carefully, taking every detail into consideration

5. Explore option of research/study

5. Disagreeing is ok, you always gain knowledge of your opposition

Possible Theme of Study


In an effort to improve mental and physical health, self-actualization is key. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places self-actualization at the top of his pyramid of life’s needs.



With this notion comes a better understanding of our other needs. By striving to live through this, one becomes happier, more fulfilled,