The Challenges Within Art

This semester has been a heavy load.  I decided to take two studio art classes in one day, which means back to back four hour classes.  Quite rigorous!  As much as I love making art and learning about it, sometimes I get burnt out.

One of the courses I am taking is drawing II.  It began with a lot of odd exercises, such as being blindfolded and using your non dominant hand.  At first this seemed pointless. What could one possibly learn about art when you can’t even see what you’re doing?  But once I got over the initial frustration, these exercises deemed themselves to be helping factors.  It’s the whole idea of losing control.  Perfection is obviously what you want your outcome in art to be, but by allowing yourself to relax and create a loss of control, so many new ideas and free flowing pieces come through.

Although there will always be challenges in creating art, this semester has lead me to be a more confident artist.  Not because I can create something that is flawless, but because I can free myself from the norms that color doesn’t belong outside the straight lines.


For those of you who don’t know, printmaking is a process of carving into a surface (wood, copper, plexiglass, etc.), covering it with ink, and then running it through a printing press to create a piece of artwork, usually on paper.  I am currently taking this class here at The Fort, and it is amazing!  I feel that I have propelled forward so much within my artistic abilities and viewpoint just from these past weeks.  If anyone is looking for an elective to take, that is fun and inspiring – printmaking is definitely the way to go.  All ideas go in this section of art, it is very free flowing and loose in context.  There is really no way of doing it wrong, because just by carving a simple design into the surface, the print turns out unique each time.  Here is a picture of my latest piece, which was made by etching into copper.

Balancing Dimensions:

How Colorful Are You?

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.”

— Gianni Versace


To some; it may seem that fashion is just a silly thing that has no relation to you, but you’re not entirely right.  The way that you dress is such a huge form of how you chose to express yourself.  It is also a splendid way to bring out your artistic abilities.  I know that on a personal level, I’m a natural complimenter — so if I see someone wearing something that I like, you are bound to hear me say so.  And it sure can be a way to see someones day brighten.  The louder and more colorful, the better!  It can be difficult living in such a small mountain town, when we have been voted multiple times the “worst dressed town.”  But that shouldn’t be something to stagger your ways.  Even when I am feeling down and like being a bum, I throw on some cute clothes and automatically feel refreshed.  It’s not about being materialistic, it’s about being free in your own mind and body and choosing to express yourself in whatever way you please.  So if you like black, wear it.  And if you want to embody the color wheel for one day, then so be it!  Make the choice to be that person who is constantly looking good, and feeling better.

The Scale of Change

What is art to you?  Is it something large that makes you stop in your track?  Or is it something miniscule that catches your eye for a brief moment and yet stays with you forever?  These thoughts may seem arbitrary, because who really is to say what defines art.  It all comes from perspective of the viewer.  But it is important to think of the size of things, and how they can evoke a reaction from the viewer.  For example, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, is an artist who is best known for his large scale earth works.  His most recent project was made in part of Northern Ireland Belfast project.

WISH: A Monumental 11 Acre Portrait in Belfast by Jorge Rodríguez Gerada portraits land art Belfast

Rodriguez-Gerada writes, “Working at very large scales becomes a personal challenge but it also allows me to bring attention to important social issues, the size of the piece is intrinsic to the value of its message. Creativity is always applied in order to define an intervention made only with local materials, with no environmental impact, that works in harmony with the location.”

On the other side, there’s the small things you see.  Since autumn has come again, the colors have changed and the leaves have fallen.  Across campus while sitting outside, I took notice in how beautiful all of the leaves surrounding me were.  So I began writing on the leaves little messages of creativity and inspiration.  The simplest thing could bring a smile to someones day.  A friend of mine saw what I was doing, and she too being full of this seasons change, began writing her own inspirations on leaves.

So what does this mean for you? What makes you happy?  This can be taken out of the context of art as well, and just be related to life.  Is it the small things or the big things that make up your life, and if you evaluate this and do not like the answer, then what are the steps you can take to make your life more fulfilling for you.  Art is just one way to see things in alternative perspectives, but what will you chose to feel changed by?


Into my World

Why Hello.  I have a deep interest in knowledge of all kinds, but to put it simply; art and design are what make me happy.  I feel the best when I am surrounded by creative outlets and not limited to ideas and colors.  I am currently studying Art Business and Art History at Fort Lewis College in Colorado.  Durango is just a small mountain town located in the South West of Colorado.  Needless to say that the beautiful mountains that surround me are just the start to the art that fulfills my soul.  Here I would like to share art through all types of mediums (painting, drawing, fashion, photography, etc..) and find how they appeal to people in emotional ways.  By using information of what is happening in the world of art, design, and fashion, we can create our own identity in fun and innovative ways.