The food we eat Part 1

Over the past 50 years the food we as Americans have been ingesting into our bodies has been changing. There is a reason why people such as myself have allergies forming that they did not used to have before. Are food has been genetically altered over the years and proteins that were not originally there have been added into our food. The amount of food allergies in the United States alone has doubled.

Soy bean seeds along with numerous other seeds can be and are patented because they have been genetically altered so much that they are deemed man made and can be claimed and patented.

We are slowing poisoning ourselves and most people don’t even know it.


The route of many deeply seeded emotions can be a grudge of some sort people are holding inside. Sometimes its very obviously but other times you have to search for it. Things connect in a way that you can’t always understand. Forgiveness whether its forgiving others or forgiving yourself can do wonders on your stress level. The relief of letting yourself forgive and move on is tremendous.

Forgiving yourself can be tough. The person you are hardest on most often is you. You are contently at battle with yourself, judging yourself, and punishing yourself. Forgiving is hard in this area because you are responsible and some how it is hard to empower yourself to give you a break. I am not saying your actions should go unnoticed. You need to acknowledge what you have done and accept the consequences. You are not getting away with anything but you are moving on from your guilt. Look yourself in the mirror and say “I forgive you”. If you can forgive yourself others can too.

Forgiving others can be extremely difficult at times. It is way more in depth than just saying the words – I forgive. You really need to actually find the bottle of hate and dump it out. Before you can forgive someone you need to really understand what it is that needs to be forgiven. Once you know exactly than you can say goodbye to it. Disconnect that greif from the person and send it away. Remember that you are better than the grudges you hold and having them will not make you a better person. Forgive others and strive to move forward always. You don’t need to forget just forgive and move on. Dwelling will sink you.

A set back will be the people you are forgiving might not be asking for your forgiveness. Some people might not want it or feel just in what they did to you and wont want to accept your forgiveness. In this cause you should make it clear to yourself that you are forgiving that person. Next is to tell that person you are forgiving them. Some people will not accept it but at least you tired. You have forgiven them and now it is there turn to forgive themselves. As a person you who as looked into forgiving themselves you know how hard it is to do so. Some people not might ever come around but you have put yourself out there. It is now up to them and you have done your best. All you can really do is your best that is all anyone should ask of you.

Winter ‘Spring cleaning’

Do you feel cluttered? Look around your room. Is it full of things you don’t need? Stacked up papers and recipes you don’t need. Movie ticket stubs you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away thinking that you will always remember who you went with to that particular movie. Fact is you don’t. If your room is cluttered you probably are too. A healthy mind is a clean and ready one.

Cleaning your room and throwing away all those things you are saving for no reason will lift a huge block that you have been walking around with off your back. It might be tough and a little heart wrenching to throw out that wrist band from that festival you went to at sometime you can’t quite remember BUT it will make you feel heaps better. Go through your stuff and get ready to fill at least one big trash bag up. Once you fill one up and toss it in the dumpster you will be surprised at out light you feel. You might have just cleaned your room and threw out a bunch of useless crap but what you did not realize is that you were mentally cleaning up as well.

When you threw away that useless crap your mind was being put at ease and you subconsciously threw out some things dwelling up in your head you didn’t need. Having a clear mind can improve your spirits immensely. Desisioning making skills should improve because you don’t have all sorts of things floating around distracting you. Doing any task after your winter ‘sping cleaning’ will be much easier to handle. 🙂

Animal Therapy

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” -Ben Williams

Animal-assisted therapy is a real thing. This is when animals are used as a form of treatment. All kinds of animals are used but the most common are dogs. These dogs are certified and trained to be around people with different problems. There are dogs that get taken to hospitals just to visit with patients, They also act as buffers and help doctors and psychiatrists seem less intimidating. Over all the use of animals in the medical fields is increasingly popular and seems to have real results.

I met a lady in the airport who was with her dog. She was a sweet bully lab mix and sat by her owners feet the whole time. The dog was calm and obedient. I asked the lady about her dog and she explained to me that her dog was a comfort animal. She was assigned to her to help with emotional problems. I did not go into depth about her emotional problems but she told me some of the processes her dog had to go through to be certified to do this. I thought it was all interesting and I would love to have that claim and bring my dog everywhere with me!

My dog is a pit-bull and is the sweetest cutest most perfect dog in the whole world. I love him to pieces. I believe he is the sole reason I was able to get through many of the obstacles and hardships I have gone through in the past 3 years. I take him with me everywhere except to school and work. If I am going for a car ride anywhere he comes with. He has attends may parties and is always on his best behavior. My dog is constantly giving me emotional support everyday.

How can this information help you? Well not everyone can afford to have a pet. Not everyone is able to claim they need emotional support and gain accesses to a trained professional dog. You don’t need to. Durango is pretty much the dog capital of the world. That is not a fact but it sure seems like way. It seems more than half the people in Durango own a dog or live with a dog. I am sure you all have at least one friend that has a dog. Ask to borrow their dog. Go to their house and just hang out with the dog for the day. I promise you it will lift your spirits. If you really can’t find a dog I would more be more than happy to share my dog with you.


Quick Boost

Having a bad day? Tired? Didn’t get enough sleep, got slayed at school, got a parking ticket because you were late initially so you parked in the 30 minute visitor parking to get to class faster, then your dog threw up on your clean laundry because you left a whole bag of dog treats on the floor and he ate his little doggy heart out and you still have to go to work in 45 minutes. Okay so this situation is a little unique but isn’t everyone’s? No matter your predicament you are in need of an instant boost or you will crash and burn. I will let you in on my secret.

I get in my car and I pull up to the end of my drive way and stop for a second. I take a deep breath. I whip out my barely functioning droid razor and pull up my youtube app and search grouplove ways to go. When I am ready to pull out I press play. I start nodding my head to the song and singing softly. When it picks up I start nodding and jerking myself back and forth from my steering wheel. TURN IT UP! Now I am busting out my best car seat dance moves, nodding like a boss, and singing like it ant-no-thang. People may or may not see me at the stop lights but I don’t notice because I am getting down with my bad self. I pull up to work right before it stops or sometimes if I am not late I replay it and go into a full on fit in my car with fist pumps and all until I am good and ready to endure work. Watch the music video for the song and then picture me entering my work place just like Kim Jong as portrayed. I swear it works every time. High fives all around.


Get Silly

Dancing, singing, tickling, laughing, or just jumping up and down a bunch of times can get you in the mood. Turn up the dance music and let loose. Who cares if anyone is watching? I don’t. Sometimes its good to let it go in this way. Silly is as silly does. Dress up in your most ridiculous clothes and go out to eat with a close friend. When I mean dress up I mean sweet thrift store finds, a halloween costume in July, or a killer wig and some suspenders just because. Do something random. Do you like putting ketchup on marconi and cheese or peanut butter on popcorn? Get weird with it. If you need some help on some killer dance moves take a lesson from this guy.



It’s okay to get angry but be in charge. It was your decision to feel this way. You know you are angry and you are going to let it out. You don’t want to cry anymore. You don’t want to be happy. You are angry. Angry that this pain made you cry. You are angry at the world and everyone in it. I suggest braking something. Go to the thrift store and buy a bunch of cheap 25 cent dishes and go somewhere you won’t get in trouble for throwing things. A basement or a garage or cellar work well. Scream as loud as you can and throw a dish on the floor and listen to the crash. At this point you are more than welcome to play some heavy metal music while you demolish the dishes. Another way to get out your angry is go for a run. Run as fast as you can for as long as you can than slow down. Repeat this over and over. People might stare but who cares. You are getting out your aggression and getting excursive at the same time. Yelling out loud and screaming is always good as well. Make sure you aren’t going to scare anyone before you start your yelling. However your strategy you will start to feel funny. Look at yourself. What are you doing? You are being ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Laugh.



Your heart is sinking and you cry when you can’t find the shirt you are looking for. Everyday feels like its the worst because your insides hurt. There is nothing anyone can say or do to make the pain go away. The only thing you can do is cry. So that is what you are going to do. You are going to cry as hard and as long as you can. Find a place you feel comfortable whether your room, your car, or a bathroom. I would pick somewhere you don’t mind spending a lot of time because you are going to sit there until you physically can’t cry anyone. Get red and let the tears come. Sob and wale as loud as you want and let it out. Keep it coming. Feel bad for yourself, your friend, your family, your dog, your world. Consume yourself with sadness. You will get sick of it. You will run out of tears. And when you do say out loud that you are done. You do not want to be sad anyone. You don’t feel like being happy yet but you do not want to cry. Whip the tears and move on. You feel different now. You don’t feel sad but you are starting to feel something else.

Taking steps

Dealing with every aspect of life is hard. Whether its as painful as a death or heart retching as a breakup. How do we cope? How do we deal with all these let downs in life we go through. You could lock yourself in your room for days at a time. You could isolate yourself from your friends and your family. You could take out your anger on a specific person at your place of work that you are not particularly fond of. All these things will not help you. Find what you are struggling with and address it. Sometimes you get so lost in your emotions you don’t really know what makes you cry at night or scream at random people for no reason. There are steps to be made to cleanse your mind  and take care of yourself and this is how we are going to do it.