Social Selfie

Social Media. In today’s world that could mean a ton of different things. Maybe your twitting about something. Maybe your posting pictures on Facebook from your vacation. Whatever your using it for doesn’t matter. What matters is what it does to us. Many of us use it everyday (well all but those who don’t live in civilization) and it is a huge part of our lives. We can keep in touch with friends, family, and even people from school that live far away. Social media is an awesome tool that we have access to on a daily basis.



But even as useful as social media is, it can also have a downside.

Surprised baby boy using a laptop computer


I know, you may be wondering how this could be possible, but sadly it is. Social media can cause us to me more narcissistic in our everyday lives. When we look at the world now, we can see that people are becoming more and more individualistic. With everyone taking selfies and twitting about every little thing that we are doing, it makes us think more about ourselves. I mean think about it. How may of us are guilty of posting pictures that we just took of ourselves or tweeting about something that doesn’t really involve other people. It makes us look like we care a lot about ourselves and not really others.

facetime-faceSome believe that maybe we are individualistic because of tragedies that maybe we have gone through. Those of us that are millennial’s have experienced several tragedies in our lives. 911 is a day that we all remember in 2000. It was a tragedy that shook our nation. Seeing that we aren’t perfectly safe scared us. I remember seeing it all over the news and feeling as though we were vulnerable. That feeling of being insecure in our own country could have cause us to start thinking of ourselves. How would we protect ourselves from this threat? What if this had happened to me? 9/11 had an impact on us that we will never forget


So what if that didn’t really impact you to be more individualistic? Maybe it is the debt that we college kids are now graduating with. I don’t know about you but to me debt is never a good thing. I mean, who wants to graduate owing a lot of money? Not me, thats for sure. Debt is something we struggle with. Paying school loans and fees as well as housing and other expenses we might have can make us think about how we are going to handle the situation. We start thinking about how we are going to pay it off, how much we are going to have to work, and how we ended up here in the first place. We think about ourselves in the situation instead of focusing on what good things are happening to us like the fact that we are finally done with school.

images So come on guys. We CAN beat this selfie era. We can overcome our narcissism if we really try. I know its hard and even impossible. Social media has a big influence, but it is possible. Whatever the reason may be that is causing us to be this way we can get over it and become less individualistic. Not all social media is bad but lets stop focusing so much on ourselves and more on people and events around us.