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Meeting Minutes for 12/1/2011

By , December 1, 2011 9:47 pm

In attendance: Barb Powers, Dana Shinn, Fabio Wen, Yujean Shockley, Dawn Widen, Connie Rauen, Darren Mathews and Trish Grogan

I. Blog Update:  Blog was initiated on 11/16/2011 and information and the link was sent out to all Classified    Staff via email

  • Barb suggested the blog should have a “cyber suggestion box” and Dana said she would check into the possibilities of that.
  • Dawn passed on the suggestion that classified employees would like to see more specific detail on topics like the possible incentive bonus and Darren commented that when it was possible, he would do so and it was decided that if it was not possible to provide specific detail, a comment would be made to that effect to keep the transparency.
  • It was agreed that there would be another meeting set up in EBH040 to train Panel members on how to use the blog with Dana and Fabio and that if a Panel member wanted administrator rights, they needed to send an email to Darren
  • Dana made the suggestion that we should limit administrator rights to one or two people to avoid duplication and errors.

II.  Possible Incentive Bonus: Due to the sensitivity and nature of this topic and on the advice of our legal counsel, the following information is as detailed as allowable at this time. Darren provided updated information on a possible incentive bonus detailing the process that CU used  to initiate their bonus plan and also mentioned that Western had initiated a longevity bonus. He also provided information on what FLC is looking at and the process the College needs to go through to get an incentive bonus approved. Details were provided on the legal aspects of a bonus plan and Darren stressed that while the College would certainly like to initiate a bonus, research and planning is still ongoing and a bonus is not approved at this time.

III. Classified Panel updates: Trish asked the Panel if they would like to make the Panel a permanent entity and it was unanimous that the Panel would like to continue.Trish then asked the Panel to come up with ideas on what criteria they would like to see for someone to become a Panel member, how they would like to address initiating officers, would they like to open the Panel meetings to visitors and if so, what rules would be set into place for visitors? Trish asked the Panel to bring their ideas to the next meeting.

IV. Feedback Panel members have received from Classified Staff: Dawn asked if the College would consider setting up Question & Answer meetings every month for employees to get updated information from the College. Darren asked if design of such a forum would be like a town hall type meeting where all employees could attend.Dawn stated that employees wanted the meeting to be more specific to Classified Staff and Exempt Staff. Darren mentioned that it might be valuable for interested Faculty, since many are not aware of the issues facing Classified and Exempt staff. Darren agreed to look into the possibility of such a meeting. Note: Having faculty at those meetings could be helpful towards raising awareness across campus.

V. Information from Human Resources to Classified Staff: Trish wanted to let everyone know about the new Work Injury section on the HR home page that gave information about work injuries and the two designated workman’s compensation providers that the College uses. She also stressed the importance of how employees shoud report “administrative leave”.

Administrative Leave can only be designated by the appointing authority, Steve Schwartz. If an employee is receiving training, or attending a business function that is related to the College, the employee reports that on their timesheet as regular time, not administrative leave. The employee still must have their supervisor’s approval to attend a college event or training.

VI. The next official Panel meeting was set for January 5, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:24.

The Panel encourages all Classified employees to feel free to contact Panel members for additional information or leave questions and/or suggestions on this blog site.

First Panel Meeting (October 27, 2011)

By , November 4, 2011 3:48 pm

At the first meeting, the Panel discussed the charge and agreed that it captured the role we would intially address. We also identified what the Panel felt were the biggest challenges facing a classified employee at Fort Lewis College, and what the biggest advantages of being a classified employee at Fort Lewis.

Biggest Challenges

  • Raising morale
  • Low pay and making ends meet
  • Upward mobility-promotions-lateral moves
  • No voice /communication
  • Lack of options to make changes within the classified system
  • Decisions are made at the state level
  • Insurance & benefit options
  • Overworked/job creep
  • Budget allocations and how they are determined

Biggest Advantages

  • Job security
  • Some flexibility as Higher Ed (more than other State agencies)
  • Good work environment
  • Benefit package/options
  • Seniority protection

Members of the panel noted that CU had announced an incentive plan for their classified employees. Darren Mathews stated he was aware that CU was working on a plan, but was unaware that the plan had been finalized or announced.

Next meeting: Tentatively, December 1st.

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