Reporting Information

A blog, which is a journal written online and accessible to users of the internet, has been the main focus of class lately. A blog is used to report about certain topics, whether it is academic or just for fun. People blog to educate people, voice their opinions, and to discuss topics they are interested in. A blog is a type of writing that you keep up with and continue to write on. It isn’t just one paper or diary entry. It is a collection of entries that are always being added to.

 Each scholar was assigned to pick a topic to blog about. We had time in class to work on our blogs and we also have anytime outside of class to work on them. Our blogs, also considered journals or reports, are academic so we have a page about the rhetoric of learning, documenting our learning, and a page about ourselves (to create credibility). Each of us have had multiple weeks to prepare our blogs and now we are assigned to blog weekly. We have chosen topics that are appealing to us so it is easier to blog.