Essay 1

As scholars we have to learn how to tease words out and to rethink the meanings of words. In class, we discussed the meaning of the word serious. At first, describing the word “serious” was like trying to describe the color red without using red. However, there are a loy of ways that we can attribute the many definitions we have given the word “serious” to this class.

The first thing I would talk about is our note taking. A definition that we can apply to this would be the one that is direct or is thought of as an expectation. Our instructor emphasizes the importance of taking notes, making it an expectation to take good notes. Another example is expressing importance, also what our instructor does in our note taking. Not only does he emphasize the importance of note taking, but the importance of certain things that we should put in our notes.

Another example is the self assessments, a definition we had was very determined and focused. One should be focused when writing a self assessment. Focused on what they learned, what they could improve on, etc. Another definition would be earnestness, not to be confused with honesty, though that is an aspect. One should be earnest and thoughtful to write a serious self assessment.

The many definitions of the word “serious” apply to many aspects of this class. Overall, one should take it seriously (forgive the pun). In this class it is also important to tease out words and figure out what they really mean. Because words have a different meaning every time you put them on paper.

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