Essay 2

We talked about how serious related to our class, and we found that we can apply quite a few of the definitions that we discussed to the things we do in class. However, we can also make the claim that we can apply the definitions of the word “serious” to our educational experience.

One aspect of my educational experience is my experience in creative writing, as my major is in creative writing. In the aspect of an author, I brought up the point that the word “serious” is a tone. My example was that if I am writing a particular in which someone is dying, naturally, you would assume that it has a serious tone to the scene as opposed to a scene in which two people are talking, and laughing.

Another example that equates to the field of creative writing would be the definition that states that serious means to be focused and determined. As an author I get asked “What has writing taught you?” and my answer is and always will be “persistence and focus”. Contrary to popular belief. writing a novel of any length, it takes a lot of perseverance and mental stability to write a novel of any kind. It takes discipline to force yourself to focus on creating something of this length and that’s where the difficulty of writing comes in.

The meanings that we constructed of the word “serious” can be applied to our educational experiences, not just mine, but others like a business major ¬†or an engineering major. It applies to all of these because taking your education into your own hands requires a sense of seriousness in order to be successful.