October 29, 2014

On Wednesday, whilst we were sitting in the grass, we discussed the different moves that we use in everyday arguments and how we can translate them to our papers. In order to do this, we “drew” illustrations that mostly went along with the idea of either organic growing or mechanical building.

I gave the example of my brother who grew in size and thus, (having the capability of) growing in skill in hockey. In this analogy, I explain that as we grow, we become more experienced and this could be the same for argument.┬áThis was an example of the “organic” growth.

On the other hand, Gunther gave the example of building things and how when we argue, we continue building upon those skills. In this, he created the “mechanical” analogy.

As a synopsis, we expanded on the idea that as we grow or as anything is built upon, we gain experience with our arguments that we should, and normally don’t, apply to our papers. Bill┬ásays that professors are always seeing papers that have ideas that do not form connections, and the entire point of the exercise was to form connections between our arguments and our lives.

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