Annotation Strategy

My strategy is a simple one, yet a long process. The first thing that one should do is read the text without annotating. This is to help expose you to the text, to help get you comfortable with the content.

The next thing, after you finish reading it once, read it again. However, this time you want to annotate with a black pen or whatever. This is to gain a better understanding of the content of the text.

After annotating the text for the first time, skim through the notes you made and the underlined details you found and write notes in a different colored pen. This is to analyze why you made the notes that you did and why you found them important and why you found the details that you found important.

After analyzing the notes you made, go back through the text and repeat the process an additional two times, each time with the same two pens, on being for the annotations, one being for the analysis.

For maximum results, be sure to be in a quiet room that you are very comfortable in and are able to relax. This let’s you focus on the material rather than the things going on around you.

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