Recently we have been asked to form a research question related to our major and language. My major is exercise physiology and I plan to become a firefighter after college, but I cannot form a research question without the definition of language.

We are always communicating with language but do we really understand it? The dictionary definition of language is “the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of any words in a structured and conventional way.”  In my opinion language is so much more than that.  Just take a second and think to yourself, what would we be without language?

So now that we have the definition of language next comes the research question.  I am going to make the claim that communication through language is one of the most important parts of the job. A quick example would be without communication there is no possible way we they could get anything done. Overall language in general is a huge part of everything and without we wouldn’t be anything. Please stay tuned for my research project as I dive deeper into this topic of language and the real world!

Keep the Faith


Although I did not make it to the speeches by Sister Helen, she did come and speak to the whole football team personally.  The speech was short but the message was strong.

One major point I believe she was trying to make to the team was to not lose our faith. She explained that when working with people on death row she would often see a loss of faith and how greatly it can
affect someone. So she implored us to not lose faith and to remember why we love football regardless of the wins and losses and with that we went to the field for practice with a fresh mind ready to take on the day.

A look inside my notes.


As many studies show notes are critical in retaining information and providing an insight to what your instructor thinks is important.  So i will proceed to bullet point my notes from Comp 250 section 4 from 9:35-10:45, September 22, 2014.

  • Students say professor are boring, but when professors ask more of their students they do not respond.
  • Denyce White lost her voice.
  • Pay attention to fundamentals.
  • Sweat the details.
  • Pay attention to form.
  • Identify the conventions.
  • Conventions are a system of rules.
  • We have to quit fighting against the rules of the game, because we do not have to play, we choose too.
  • If we do play we have to embrace the conventions.
  • As you are recognized then you are afforded the privilege of challenging conventions.
  • All disciples advance by being challenged.
  • Jordan Benton problematized the term of conventions sparking a in depth class discussion.
  • Are there unspoken agreements?
  • We should all rephrase what we hear, then make sure that is what the author was trying to convey.
  • We have to think of ourselves as professionals.
  • Take good notes.
  • Extend those notes.
  • Are all conventions social?
  • We all have style.
  • Bill explained that most of what we do today, we do, because that’s what other people think we should do.
  • Questions are appropriate to the discipline.
  • Need exigence.
  • Have to be critically aware of every moment.
  • We think by internalizing voices.
  • Bill makes the claim that our conversations in class improve our writing.
  • We learn to talk together.
  • We disconnect writing from talking.




How many times have you heard a story from someone and think to yourself , “this is absolute B.S. “. I know we have all had this thought at one time or another, and what the storyteller is missing is something called credibility. The thing with credibility is if you are not coming across as credible or reliable in your writings or arguments your audience will write you off. Just like you wrote off the person telling the story.  There are several ways you can build credibility, such as:

  • Providing Evidence
  • Verification
  • and Illustration

Using these simple methods in your writing or arguments can build you credibility and slow the process of people writing your opinion off.  Although there is a lot more to building credibility i am going to downloadleave you with this Cliffhanger

Communication Is Key


Today as Daniel Gustavson, Garrett Flicker, Kennedy Clark, Garrett Swartzendruber and myself sat at one of the raised tables at the Rocket. Explaining to each other the different things that stood out to us in the “Eleven Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs” article. The thing that stood out the most to me is how communication is key to everything.  Every Multimodal is a form of communication one way or another.  An example of how great communication helped me today is i was confused about what we were supposed to be doing today, and after talking with my group they helped me understand the assignment. If i had not communicated with my group i may have not done the right assignment today. One thing that makes communication amazing is it links people together like the picture at the bottom.  My main point is that communication is a huge part of our society, and without it we would be lost.  




As I sit here annotation my Writer/Designer book one thing that strikes me right off the bat is how everything in our world is a text. It doesn’t matter if it’s a billboard on the side of the road, or the brand name shirt that someone is wearing. Everything, and i mean everything is a text. It’s hard to believe that it took me so long to realize this, but now that i have i see everything differently.

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