So I tried looking for a more recent version of the NPI-40, and I couldn’t find one! It was stupid! The only one they have is the on from forever ago. I don’t know how that’s possible, because todays times are so much different compared to back then. I mean I’m pretty sure someone would have updated it by then but I guess not. I feel like someone should though so that it will be better at telling kids that are addicted to social media that they are probably narcissistic, but I’m not a doctor. I think its BS though, maybe that is what I could go to school and learn about! I would probably make millions off it. You know what, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, before the world becomes more narcissistic than it ever has.

My friends are idiots

So last time me and my friends were all hanging out of course all they were doing was looking at their phones. So I thought it would be a good time to tell them about the narcissism thing and they totally flipped out! They were saying that I was wrong! So we pulled up narcissism tests and found this thing called the npi-40. They all took the test, which took forever, and it told them that they weren’t too bad. I thought it was BS how it said that because they totally are. The test was from like 100 years ago though when there wasn’t even apps or iPhones! Im gonna try to find a newer one so I can show them what’s up.

Social media again

So I met with my english teacher today and he really showed me some cool websites that helped me find a lot of information about social media. and theres this one  word I saw a few times called narcissism. Narcissism is when someone is like totally addicted to themselves and feel like they are hot shit. I read some stuff on it and it said social media makes people fall in love with themselves and I totally agree. My friends are so addicted to their Instagrams and Twitters, always worrying about how many likes they get and what not and its frustrating. Like they think they are cool when they get a lot of likes and retweets on selfies and stuff like that. Its so annoying because that’s all they talk about. Maybe if I tell em about these things it will help them see whats wrong with them. We’ll see though

Social Media

After checking out that video it made me want to look at social media and it what it does to kids our age. So I googled social media and all it came up with was the websites and stuff like that, and I couldn’t really find anything. So I’m gonna ask my teacher tomorrow for some help, because for some reason this is really cool to me. I think its because I hate how much social media distracts my friends when we’re all together

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