Photoshop. Depression. Obesity.


Dear Parents,

WAKE UP! Do you not see what you’ve done? What you have allowed to happen! Step up and pay attention to your children. Young girls all over America are over eating because of being depressed. Take the time out of your busy day to stop and pay your child some attention. All of the social media accounts that you allow your children to have are hurting them way more than helping them. Young girls do not need flawless bodies shoved in their face everywhere they look. It is not right and YOU need to be the change. American teens are OBESE! According the center of disease control in the last 30 years teen obesity has doubled! This is your fault! Take some initiative and make a change! What will your excuse be this time? Work to late, too tired, we can stop.. Do you realize you’re destroying your children’s health! You’re making them FAT! Also from the Center of Disease Control more than one third of children were obese in 2012! AGAIN, your fault! The most beneficial decision you could make would be to add in some healthy physical activity into your children’s lives! and yes I am telling you what to do! Get off your ass and run, play some basketball, go swim please do something! Americans need to move up NOT OUT!!

Sincerely, The Concerned Citizen

Fort Lewis College Student

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