About Me

Hi!  My name is Carlie.

I am a dedicated animal lover.  I have two Great Danes, (or as my Dad calls them, “Okay Danes”,) named Chief and Thor.  I also have two cats, Midnight and Snickerdoodle.  This summer I was able to work with lemurs and a giraffe at the Long Island Game Farm.

Like any good Colorado girl, I am a true country fan.  I mean down-home, banjo picking’, dirt road country fan.  My playlist at the moment is overrun with ‘Pistol Annies’ twang.  I love how natural and up front country is.  No inhibitions, no sugar coating.

When I was 16 I participated in a trip to Western Europe with a group called People to People student ambassadors.  Our journey started in a small Irish town and led us all around western Europe, from the beaches of Normandy and the enormity of the Louver, to the chocolate masters of Belgium and the ancient castles of Wales.

From this point, I made it my lives ambition to travel the world and immerse myself in new cultures.

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