Leadership in a Current Event

Following the Parkland, FL shooting, there has been much discussion surrounding safer school environments and gun control. Trump has chosen to promote arming certain teachers in schools across the nation. He claims that this will solve the problem and he does not approve of enforcing active shooter drills. There is a lot of opposition concerning the arming of teachers nationwide and people are pushing for stricter gun control.

I do not feel Trump’s response is the most effective method of leadership in this situation. Although there are proponents of arming teachers, this solution doesn’t serve to ease people’s concerns in finding a way to stop school shootings. In fact, for many people, it presents more of a concern, because of the constant presence of weapons on campus. Even if teachers are trained to use the guns properly only in the case of a school shooting, there’s still the possibility something could go wrong in a heated moment and something terrible could happen. My mom is a teacher and I’ve heard her say before that she would no longer teach if teachers were armed in her school district. She has a number of concerns with this and I understand and agree with them.

I feel the best way to lead in this situation is to more directly address people’s concerns, which has to do with enforcing stricter gun control and better preparing students and teachers in case of an emergency. I believe leadership is based on relationship and although Trump may not be able to reach everyone impacted by school shootings, he should listen to their concerns and find a way to more directly address those. He should talk to concerned teachers and families, as well as students and he should reach out to those previously impacted and listen to them with respect and compassion. He should be willing to help them and their interests in order to make positive societal change.

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