My Future Leadership

  1.  I plan to lead in the future at school through the Newman Club. I am currently secretary and will continue being an officer of some sort next year. Newman Club has been rebuilding the past couple of years and I’ve been able to see the importance of effective leadership in helping the club grow and thrive once again. I plan to continue to help lead the club through building relationships with new members and maintaining strong relationships with current members so that our club may be a welcoming place to all students.

I’m not really sure at the moment where my career will be taking me in the future, but in whatever workplace I find myself I will use the leadership skills I have gained in order to work well with others and communicate with them effectively so as to do our best in whatever we need to do.

I also hope to become more involved in the community again. In recent years I’ve become busier and haven’t been as involved in the community as I was during high school. It’s important to become more involved once again so as to see where positive change is needed and begin working towards that through leadership.

2.  I plan on further developing my leadership by remaining involved with a variety of activities both inside and out of school. Various activities have specific forms of leadership needed and learning about those will be helpful. It’s important to further develop leadership, because leadership theory and styles are always changing. Thus, if one is up to date on various forms of leadership, they may be more effective leaders through their ability to implement the correct leadership style according to the people and situation involved.