Biology/Graphic Design major–Chloe Tresten

It took quite a lot of contemplation to figure out what major I actually wanted to delve into. I couldn’t just decide one major, but instead ended up with two favorites: Graphic Design and General Biology.

Many would ask, what’s the link with the two, or why? There is no distinctive link between the two very different majors, they just happen to be both of my separate passions. On my free time, I enjoy dedicating long hours, sometimes days, of freelance work on Photoshop. I would consider this as a fun hobby on the side, but an actual career that would best fit for me would probably be some sort of a human doctor or a veterinarian. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor or a vet — or just saying someone in particular. By saying I want to save someone, it could be as little as becoming a nurse or a technician that gives the person or animal medicine to them them become healthy, or surgery that could possibly save a life.

I didn’t choose Fort Lewis directly for my thought process of my double majors. I only chose the Fort because it was the closest college to home. However, I have heard great talk of the college has to offer here, and turns out my classes so far are unique and promising towards my welcoming future. Currently, I am taking General Biology and Anthropology minor (which needless to say, they both go hand in hand), but I’m more primarily interested in the anatomy of human beings (or animals) rather than the history of human life. The next year or semester of my college career, I plan on officially changing my minor to Graphic Design major.

Lately I have been going back and forth of debating where my future may turn out to be. I have been intensely into watching the popular TV show of House M.D. on Netflix for the past two weeks which has sparked my interest into becoming a doctor. Hopefully these preliminary thoughts will direct me closer to my passion.