The deeper you go, the more you explore.

In class Tuesday, February 17th, we learned about interviews. It opened me up to new information and expanded my knowledge about interviews. I never really thought about it that much, or in a different perspective. So class started, and we were instructed to observe the class lecture but also to participate as scholars. In class Professor William Mangrum started off explaining to us three different types of interview styles. But we will only be focusing on one type of interview for our upcoming argument paper, and it is called phenomenology interview.

Phenomenology interview is a type of interview that is based mostly on open-ended questions, not yes or on questions. The reason being is because the interviewer is looking for a deeper answer within the interviewee. The setting is always portrayed safe for the interviewee so that they don’t necessarily feel comfortable but safe to answer questions. The interviewers ultimate goal is to focus on a specific moment, emotion or feeling, which the open-ended questions come in handy.

In class Gino Poli was asked by Mangrum to participate to be the interviewee. Mangrum asked him to relive a specific moment in his life and tell him about it.  He would ask Poli questions and also pay attention to the gestures and words Poli was using. By doing so, it will get to a deeper answer or picture about that moment. The interviewee discovers deeper thoughts by being pushed by separating present emotions and feelings from the past. It was interesting to observe and I learned that when you go deeper into your mind you discover deeper thoughts and feelings.