Oct 31, 2014 New blog from Wednesday

Today was a good day. we went outside as a class and discussed how we have learned to argue as a young child. We discussed many ways in which people make certain claims on something, and after that they need to use evidence to back there source up, and then prepare for a rebuttal.  Bill Mangrum used a good metaphor about basketball. He said that if you have played basketball as a child then you have developed how to dribble, shoot, rebound, pass, and play as a team.  By this he means as a child we develop how to argue. Like if we want a toy, then we beg our mom or dad, or whomever for the money to buy it. If they don’t approve then we provide evidence about why we need it. After they still disapprove it, then we provide a rebuttal. As a kid we just had the basic skills, but know we are scholars and our arguments need to be more sufficient.

CJ- As we advance academically, we see that we can transfer


Class Experience October 27, 2014

I showed up late to class, expecting to be discussing how our days were and whatnot, however, we did something new. When I got to class I was told to write about whatever came to for fifteen minutes straight without stopping. I thought it would be hard, but i just talked about the day class ended on friday and what I had done that day.

So class ended friday at 3:05 as it usually does.  I just love that feeling of when everything is finished and I have the weekend to enjoy. Right after class I got to room and went straight to my bed diving face first, and took a three hour nap. After I woke up I instantly was energized and needed to be doing something. No matter what that consisted of, I just had to be moving to use my energy. It was 6:30, and usually at that time I’m at the gym, however, people don’t go to the gym on fridays, and I have no idea why. So my roommate and i went to go eat at the cafeteria. We got there and were looking for something good to eat, but what can you expect, it Sodexo. One corner you have a place that makes burgers, the same exact way! Always burnt.. and they sometimes have the occasional streak fries to go along with that, i like steak fries. In another corner they always make pizza, and its not the best either.  However, you can get some overcooked noodles with your choice of sauce: marinara, Alfredo, or both! A perfect blend to make it all taste like shit. I ABSOLUTELY HATE SUDEXO FOOD! I wish this school would have a bigger variety of food other then the food in the cafeteria, or the mexican food upstairs. My friend goes to college at a D1 school, and he tells me there is a subway on campus, along with asian food, and american. It’s new food everyday, or at least food that I like personally. I wish we could be like that school.  Anyways, after I had eaten that food, I got sick to my stomach and had to stay inside watching movies and playing video games hoping that I would get better, it turned out to be a pretty relaxing night if you ask me.   OCT 27, 2014 2:15pm.

With the writing about our left foot, candy, and the end of the world, I didn’t see it as something I should connect with. I wrote about them all in separate paragraphs. I first wrote how candy is amazing, and really distracting while trying to write, then i wrote about my left foot and the first time i had ever hurt it, but I didn’t really get to the end of the world.

This experience was a good learning experience because I learned that if there are things within a script that i should connect them, and kind of make it into a story. This is what teachers like to see, all the connections. Not the same old organized boring paragraph structure, they want us to branch out. For the next time i see something i can make connections about i will get right to it.

Now making connections in other classes will be difficult and risky. I say this because yes it is okay to do it in this class, but I’m not sure if other professor’s would appreciate this, idk. I have a theatre class that had organized structure for each paragraph, i took the initiative by trying to connect those paragraphs. I hope it works and i do good.

A “Serious” Essay October 26, 2014

Being in class, I wasn’t expecting to talk about a simple word. A word that I possibly use in my everyday life. The word “Serious.” We all know how to use it. We just don’t know what other’s think about. However, today’s class gave me a perspective on what everyone else thinks of the word “serious.” For example, Precious established the meaning of the word, by saying what “serious” isn’t. She said that it isn’t kidding around. Then Sydney chimed in something little of the word “serious” only because she doubted herself, she then thought of  “Serious Texas BBQ.” As we went through the class, Luke L, said that the meaning of “serious” is a solemn attitude towards something or somebody. CJ, said that “serious” to her is more like a tone of voice.  Then when Leighton, chimed in, I was expecting some smart ass answer, or him trying to be funny. But he did have something good, and he said serious to him was somebody focused or determined towards a specific goal. As we continued, Bean’s point of view on serious was showing the importance of something.

On a different note, serious has different meanings for all people, but then again, I feel that it has the same meaning. For example, when we are talking about something in class(Group Discussions) like the importance of someone showing up to class. And then a couple of other people are in the corner laughing, and playing around, not paying attention to whats going on, the professor will ask them to be get serious. This is basically telling them to stop what they are doing, and engage in the conversation. However, this hasn’t happened yet, because when it comes to group discussions, we as a class all seem to be serious about what’s going on. AND when we have or discussions, it is important to take notes, or else you will have serious consequences if you don’t.

Now, on that, this links up to taking notes and the importance of taking notes, and why its so serious to do it. Taking notes in class is a serious matter because you can benefit from it in many ways. One, you become a better writer. When you take notes you are writing whatever anyone says. Even though its not the normal writing people are use to, like the type of writings that get about three days to write, and publish. This note taking is a serious matter of writing because it still is writing. You get better from writing.



Class Notes October 24, 2014

  • Make sure after COMP 150 use / Section12.
  • This source is true for all History, Biology, and many other class.
  • If some thing is in Italics is in Italics, then don’t use quotation marks.
  • Turn signals, is a convention, they SIGNAL the people behind you.
  • When you use italics, it signals to the audience.
  • For homework, we have 3 parts, and we have to blog it all.
  • 1.) Post Notes From Today.
  • 2.) After a four hour break,  Post Essay about notes, and try to connect to other aspects of education.
  • 3.) Wait 4 hours,  Write essay in which I take my notes about class today, and the general experience of it today.
  • Transfer, we say things like:
  • I didn’t get anything form taking this class.
  • That class was a waste of time.
  • I’m over going to do anything w/class, I’ll never use any of that later in life.
  • Site, is taking notes, texting, and blogging.
  • pushing language, and subtitles.
  • An open discussion, we are pushing against commonly held assumptions of what writing is.
  • What does the word SERIOUS mean?- Bill
  • Precious- something that isn;t joking, or kidding around (she established whats its not)
  • Sydney- She doubted herself and asking someone else. It made her think of Serious Texas BBQ
  • Luke- a solemn altitude.
  • CJ- Priorities, Thinks of serious as a “tone” of voice.
  • Leighton- Focused, and determined.
  • James- agrees with CJ about it being a tone.
  • setting and atmosphere.
  • Ami- Disciplined.
  • Kate- attempt to be understood.
  • Bean- Something important with something
  • Sam- Going towards a goal through a motivated mindset.
  • Norene- Legitiment, and persistant.
  • Justin L- Not holding anything, putting everything out
  • Justin- An emotion, that rises to the magnitude of the situation.
  • Sam- The realness or importance.
  • Kevin- Demanding and direct speech.
  • Type in blog part 1, next take a 4 hour break, then write about the word serious( writing comp thing in class, to discussions, role taking, self-assesment, making knowledge.) (Relates to) Part 3 Second essay, take word SERIOUS and write about how it relates to my whole education experience.
  • Don’t go over 4 hrs.
  • Common ordinary words have a lot of different meanings on paper.

Class Notes 22, September 2014

  • Today marks the third week of school and this class still amazes me. There is so much things to look forward to in this class like; the teacher, students, and writing all the silly yet serious notes down.
  • Luke L, brought a huge sombrero to class today
  • Project for today, To construct a definition that we all agree on for the word “Inquiry.”
  • Can Not use a dictionary
  • What does it mean to “Query”
  • What does it mean to “academic inquiry”
  • “Query” Is to like research, investigate, asking questions, and searching
  •   “Inquiry” it is structured Query”-Landreneau
  • CJ runs a website, and she has to give her inquiry back to the users of the website.
  • Mitchell, It means to question something, and research.
  • Its basically what we are doing…-Landreneau
  • What are some things that we do that are “academic inquiry” -Bean
  • Photo on 9-24-14 at 12.56 PM
  • Luke basically ran the show, but only after mitchell, sam and bean got the conversation started. First bean asked how to spell inquiry, then i chimed in the correct spelling. Someone else asked to spell query, again i chimed in the correct spelling. Then Sam asked what we all think the meaning of query, and inquiry, Mitchell said it means to questions something or to research. Then Luke said its basically what were are doing. Trying to figure out the correct definition to these words. CJ said told the class that she runs a website and she has to put her inquiry in. Then Luke was rambling on with James the meaning and people would say there opinions about what they think it is. We all came to conclusion and said inquiry was asking something and researching and query is what were were doing as a class, like trying to figure out the definition.

My Class Notes 17 September 2014

Write Everything Down!

Ami G

Used bullets, changed and adapted, and she changed as she went on with her paper.

  • Pay attention to how you organize your online blog.
  • There are no bad examples, just unique ones that aren’s worth repeating- Mangrum
  • When quoting someone, make sure you use there last name.
  • For the notes, all Bill was looking for was what we had written in class that day.
  • Title Change
  • We as scholars will get better at blogging the more we use it. – Mangrum
  • If you don’t pay attention to detail you will be banned from something very important- Mangrum
  • Many students grew up in a non-engauging class, where you are told you have a test on Wednesday, and are given a study guide on Monday.
  • Make sure I BOLD something on the notes from the blog- Magrum
  • NEVER EVER USE THE WORD “JUST” especially towards students because it limits them.
  • It either helps them for failure, or to succeed- Mangrum
  • 1987, Arthur Chinkering, Zelda Ga, wrote an article “How do we change College” “7 good principles for improving higher education”
  • First step, increase contact with students and teachers.
  • Second step, enable contact between students.
  • Groups for Wednesday
  • Carlie Romer- (907)545-1155
  • Luke Landreneau(870)314-0018
  • Norene(303)482-7229
  • Kevin Cornett(970)946-8265

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