Lost in the Dark?

 A Key to Finding Light During a Dark Time.

Have you ever felt lost during a low time in your life? Didn’t know where to go, what you should do, or whom you might talk with. Possibly fearing judgment, feeling ashamed, overwhelmed with what might be going on. It seems that with almost everyone I’ve ever encountered, at some point in their life, have gone through a dark time. Struggling with stress from school, overcoming an addiction, grieving someone who had recently passed, experiencing a tragic event or just going through a shitty point in their life. It is inevitable that throughout ones life one will eventually experience an all time low. The term nadir is used to describe this all time low in someone’s life. Experiencing a nadir can be mentally and physically exhausting. The experience can take the best out of people by dragging them to the ground, making them feel like they’ve hit rock bottom. So what do you do? What should you do? When you’ve hit rock bottom? The answer will come in due time, but for one to succeed there needs to be, a rewiring of the mind.

Unfolding of the Mind

To rewire them mind is one must also rewire their perception. On life, things and everything in between. How do you perceive the world around you? A broad question indeed, let me narrow it down. Do you put other people in an us category? Or do you put those people in a them category? The us category refers to viewing people as equal to you, whilst them refers to other people being less or more than you. It can be a tough question to ask ones self. If one refuses to ask this during a dark time it makes it harder and harder to find the light. With out an ‘us’ mentality it is hard to find help, because no one seeks help from ‘them’.

candle in the dark

So what can you do to create a new you? To rise up from the depths one needs a new perception, humility and empathy will help lead to a new connection.

Humility and empathy are two characteristics that will help shed light during a dark time.  If one can gain a sense of humility during a low point it helps lead to the ‘us’ mentality I was talking about earlier. Humility is the low view of ones significance or importance. With humility comes a sense of humbleness it then can help lead one to acceptance. Accepting what might be going on in their life, accepting the circumstances that have happened. Accepting these things is also part of the healing and growing process. EmpathyDuring a dark time it is also good to show empathy. Showing empathy also raises the possibility of receiving it. And during a dark time it can be comforting hearing someone else say “I understand.” Even if they don’t fully understand what you might be going through. Hearing that statement shows that they care.

I have given a couple tools one can use to illuminate a way to escape a dark time. Though it is never an easy journey, practicing humility and empathy will help lead one out of that low point and will also lead to a happier life. It also brings with it an understanding of who you are, as well as an idea of what someone else might be struggling with.  These are two tools you can use to improve you life along with the lives of others around you.