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Research post

Research is the most hardest part of composition I find to be difficult because you have to find sources, pick the most precise and accurate information that goes with your research paper or essay and then cite your sources properly. I just find that picking the best information needed for my essay is the hardest part. With the help of teachers and instructors like Bill and “Peekay” researching has become a lot easier. The information I gained from “Peekay” is really helpful in the part I find researching hard because she discussed about picking out websites for information that we need to research on. First if we find a site, we have to ask ourselves, “does the site have an author? Does the site have authority? Also does that site have information that is worthy enough?.” These questions I will be asking myself from now on before picking a site for a good source on my next research paper. Another part I  found of “Peekay” lecture that is  helpful was the part about using quotation marks when searching a phrase on a search engine. Most search engines might just look up one word that you typed so we must be able to use quotation to look for the full phrase that were looking up. For Bills lectures, I find the most I took away from class is taking notes on everything he is saying in class. This helps me with writing, to trust my pen and choose the best information to write down because I cant write everything down. I try to write everything down but when I hear something important I know this definitely has to be written down. What Bill said about writing everything down is “the information that you least expected to be useful, turns out to be the most helpful.” I found this very true when I reflect back on my notes to the information that I didn’t think was important.   This class is really helping out in my area of difficulties in composition which is research. Overall researching is becoming a lot easier, knowing what I have to do to get the information that is need for the paper that I’m going to write.

Thanks, Dalt.

Synchronous Blogging

Class today was a lot different from the other days. Were blogging from different locations and to be honest class goes by a lot faster this way but also I have some small questions that I cant get answered. This experiment is different but overall I prefer having class in a group together.

Notes related to literacy

Since I was small I had always a problem with literacy. Reading never grasped my interests and when I was little I barley read. The only time I read was when I was forced to or when I went to class. My concerns for literacy rose when I was in mid school. When reading in mid school I became increasingly frustrated when some words that didn’t make sense. That’s when I started reading and paying attention to each single word. Ever since mid school I  always looked up the meaning of words that I didn’t understand. So today I’m reflecting something I wrote down in my notes that really meant something to me about literacy. At the end of class on June 12 2014, Kat was asking Bill about reading. I didn’t write down the actual words she said but it was something about making a connection and understanding the material of each paragraph. The discussion went on from talking about reading and trying to make a connection with each paragraph in a essay. Bill told us that if we spent about two hours reading and studying a paragraph. We would own that paragraph and the rest of the article will make a lot more sense. If we did do that then the pages will mean something to us scholars. After that, we would make a bridge or connection in the terms of content and sentence structure of the essay. I never thought of reading In that type of perspective. I’m not a big reading person but when I catch something interesting I become more intrigued in reading that content. So when Bill told us about connecting each paragraph and making a meaning out of it. Reading became a bit more easier to understand. For example in my reading with “Texting and Writing” By Michaela Cullington, I tried the method that Bill told us to try. I studied the first paragraph for awhile and then I tried to connect the following paragraph to each other. The result that I found was each paragraph has a meaning that supports the paragraph before and each paragraph always connects to the main idea or thesis of the essay. This information really meant a lot to me because approaching reading in this perspective, helped me out with my reading and writing skills. Making me pick my words carefully and making a bridge between paragraphs. Overall I’m glad Kat brought up this discussion because the information we discussed was really helpful and it sharpened by literacy skills.

Thanks, Dalt.

Blogging post

Todays class we are just blogging from different locations. My location where I’m blogging from is in the computer lab in the EBH. This place is just like the library because its quiet and I focus a lot better. Also because I have a bummed out knee, its a lot closer for me to walk and that’s why I chose this place.

writing what matters

The article Writing what matters: A students struggle to bridge the the Academic/Personal Divide by Emily Strasser was a really interesting article. Emily argued with another writer named Stanley Fish and his article “Chronicle of Higher Education” she talks about how Stanley was wrong. Fish only focuses on the grammar correction and sentence structure in literacy. Emily argues that it’s not all about grammar issues but getting the student to connect with what there writing about. She points out that getting students to use their own voice when writing is a lot better than just focusing on the grammar. I can really relate to Emily because in my High School composition classes we would mostly focus on just our voices in the essay. Learning composition this way was a lot easier than just focusing on grammar because I would just mainly focus on what I’m writing about than later I would correct all of my grammar errors. With this method I learned a lot more about writing and taking control of my essays.

Learning outcomes 2.

Class has been really great so far! Im learning a lot about literacy and what I took most out of class was the advice Bill gave to us about reading essays and articles. Linking the connection between each paragraph and critically thinking about why the author used such words. Bill told us to study a paragraph for awhile and just make a connection between those paragraphs. After studying that paragraph and understanding it the other paragraphs should be a lot easier to understand. Reading for me has always been a struggle at times when trying to understand a paragraph. I would get lost when I get to another paragraph and I would not understand why they would argue in another topic in their next paragraph. Bills advice is really helpful, I’m starting to making a connection between each paragraph and reading has become a lot better and understandable for me!

learning outcome 1.

My learning expectation for this class was totally different from what i expected from the beginning of this class. I expected to learn more about just writing in general but its more different than that. Were are going to be doing a lot about researching, asking a lot of questions and writing a lot of notes down. I didn’t think this writing class would be this intense. Everyday I’m writing notes as fast as I can, mostly the whole class period. Im still learning to trust my pencil, I always hesitate at times when it comes to writing. But this class is going to be very helpful in my future composition class. Its making writing a lot easier because were learning the art of researching and researching makes writing a lot better when you know what your doing. Overall I’m glad I’m taking this class! ( :

class discussion

The first past three days have been really interesting, exciting and a lot of great vibes in class. We covered a lot these past three days and what really got my attention in our classroom discussions was talking about a self directed learning student. Which means the student is taking control of his own education and being responsible for it. He knows what the next move after completing a goal and continues to reach a higher education after completing one. For me this really motivates me to take control of my learning a lot more and become a more self directed learner. My education is really important for me, coming from a family that has one successful grandmother that everybody counts on to support all of us. My grandmother is a really great inspiration to my learning and motivated me to continue my education after high school. So taking control of my education, knowing what to do with it and applying it to my life is a goal i want to accomplish while I’m in college, this is what it means to be self directed learner in my own perspective.

top twenty

The top twenty I would say is the most helpful source that the easy writer has to offer. It lists the most basic common error students most likely get when it comes to there first year in college. After listing the top twenty mistakes it tells your briefly how to correct those errors with examples it provides. To me this would be really helpful with my grammar use and sentence structure. To me the top twenty is just for basic problems first year college writers run into. Im still considered a first year college writer, but I’ve never referred back to easy writer because I didn’t know this section existed on the book! From now on if i have any problems with sentence fragment or placing my comma in a specific area i will refer back to the top twenty to see if it can answer my questions when the time comes. Overall I think the top twenty is really helpful for college freshman writers.

how to use this book

My blog today is about a book called “Easy Writer” by Andrea A. Lunsford and its over a part of the beginning that says “how to use this book.” Basically what this section of the book covers is the fundamentals of how to use and find things on this book. It helps out a lot of readers that aren’t familiar with the book and may have some questions about it. For me I don’t really need to use this section because I already know how to use it. I’ve been using easy writer ever since I started my composition class and its been really helpful throughout my semesters. I find the citation really helpful because citing is not my thing