Class of June 10

Class today was just like the first day of class, a lot of information was crammed into 2 hours. What really kind of freaked me out was that 3 weeks of class was crunched into one week. To me I thought a lot of information was just going to be shoved into our face and we just had to retain that information. But after the first two days of class I realized that this wasn’t going to be that bad because I got a classroom full of great scholars and one great professor. The best part i liked about todays class was talking about our education. When Bill used a metaphor of a bike and our education. Some students are just riding in the back of the bike, their neither peddling or steering. To me this meant that there not putting in any effort and there not controlling there education, I would say there just going with the “flow.” Todays class also got me really thinking about composition because I really don’t like writing. But Bill brought to my attention that we use composition everyday on our lives. Such as writing and revising posts on social media sites, sending emails are different forms of composition. That changed my perspective on composition by not wanting to write, to realizing that I write everyday. ┬áThe most information I’m going to take out of todays class is more knowledge about Language and composition. The more people talk, the easier it is to express themselves. Since its sometimes hard for me to write essays and give my opinion, I’m going to be more open minded for now on. Overall I learned some great techniques in class, my perspective was change about composition and todays vibe was really great!

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