Language for me has always been about sharing ideas and communicating with one another. The first language I learned was English. I don’t ever remember the first time i started talking but I do remember that when I was middle school I really started focusing on my literacy because at times when I would read, I would sometimes come upon a word that didn’t make sense. Every time I got some of these unfamiliar words it would really frustrate me. Thats when I started looking up every word in my reading and my reading skills really improved. Just by learning these words in my reading, I started using the new words I learned in my everyday vocabulary. My Native Language is Navajo. I don’t really speak much from my language but I do know some basic words in my native culture. For example I know how to say “hello, dad, mom and grandpa” these are just a few basic words that i learned how to speak but I won’t try to spell because I might just spell it wrong. I never really tried to learn more of my words when I was young because a lot of other things grasped my attention and I never bothered to learn more of my native language. Language for me is a big part of my life, without it i wouldn’t be able to talk to my friends and express my opinions if it came to class. I believe Language is a big part of everybody’s life.

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