Ever since I was a little kid I was always interested in space. The vast unlimited space of the universe, billions of galaxies that float around in space and time. The creation of matter and all the energy that changes into different types of forms. The first ever galaxy that has every caught my eye was the andromeda galaxy. The milky way’s next door neighbor. Scientist say that our galaxy is crashing with this galaxy in a couple billion of years. Where does that collision leave us? Well we would be dead of course when it happens. There just so many questions out there that our human life span isn’t long enough to learn every material. But I believe aliens are out there that have learned everything. I always wondered if you learned everything there is to possibly learn than whats the point of living if you know everything? I always thinks about a lot of bizarre questions and things that happen in space and just try to imagine what its like to float on, into a ever straight line for infinite or if your an astronaut and you jump out into space spinning than you would just spin forever, that would be a really suckey way to die. But if I ever had the chance to go out into space I would definitely do it. One really crazy experience would be to eat floating candy, having nothing holding you down, just float around and chill, maybe read a book when your floating and bouncing off the walls in a space ship or play football in a big spaceship. The craziest stuff we could do in a zero gravity environment! The biggest question I have is how do astronauts work out in space if there is no gravity to resist and hold stuff down? But space scares me sometimes just trying to visualize and imagine everything and thinking that a supermassive black hole is just sucking up everything. But yeah ever since i was small space has always been very interesting to me. I’d like to thank gravity for holding shit down.

4 thoughts on “Space

  1. I think this is a great topic, how can anyone believe it is just our planet with life on it? I believe our universe is just to big to be limited to just us being alive. I also believe there are aliens, or other life forms as some people call them, but we are so limited by space travel that it will take awhile to find out. It costs a fortune to just go to the moon or to send out droids. Great subject.

  2. If you are interested in space and extraterrestrial beings, why are you not pursuing a career in that field? Is it because of that fear of the black hole? I know I don’t want to pursue anything to that extent because I couldn’t handle that type of environment, just totally out of my control! Pretty cool though!

    1. No its not that, Space just really interests me and just being part of the universe is good enough for me. Plus I already know what I want to do with my life and being part of something is why i chose my major.

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