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The first past three days have been really interesting, exciting and a lot of great vibes in class. We covered a lot these past three days and what really got my attention in our classroom discussions was talking about a self directed learning student. Which means the student is taking control of his own education and being responsible for it. He knows what the next move after completing a goal and continues to reach a higher education after completing one. For me this really motivates me to take control of my learning a lot more and become a more self directed learner. My education is really important for me, coming from a family that has one successful grandmother that everybody counts on to support all of us. My grandmother is a really great inspiration to my learning and motivated me to continue my education after high school. So taking control of my education, knowing what to do with it and applying it to my life is a goal i want to accomplish while I’m in college, this is what it means to be self directed learner in my own perspective.

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  1. Its empowering to know what your goal is, what to do to achieve it, and having the determination to complete it! You are headed in the right direction and I believe we will all do great in this class. My grandmother inspired me too, but in a different way, she was a stay at home mother and wife, never had to work because her husband took care of all the bills, and one day he left her for a younger women. That left her with no experience at all in a world that requires it, and no education because back in her day, it was much more difficult to get higher education. That will not be the life for me or my children. We as a generation are blessed with more opportunities. Good luck to you!

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