Notes related to literacy

Since I was small I had always a problem with literacy. Reading never grasped my interests and when I was little I barley read. The only time I read was when I was forced to or when I went to class. My concerns for literacy rose when I was in mid school. When reading in mid school I became increasingly frustrated when some words that didn’t make sense. That’s when I started reading and paying attention to each single word. Ever since mid school I  always looked up the meaning of words that I didn’t understand. So today I’m reflecting something I wrote down in my notes that really meant something to me about literacy. At the end of class on June 12 2014, Kat was asking Bill about reading. I didn’t write down the actual words she said but it was something about making a connection and understanding the material of each paragraph. The discussion went on from talking about reading and trying to make a connection with each paragraph in a essay. Bill told us that if we spent about two hours reading and studying a paragraph. We would own that paragraph and the rest of the article will make a lot more sense. If we did do that then the pages will mean something to us scholars. After that, we would make a bridge or connection in the terms of content and sentence structure of the essay. I never thought of reading In that type of perspective. I’m not a big reading person but when I catch something interesting I become more intrigued in reading that content. So when Bill told us about connecting each paragraph and making a meaning out of it. Reading became a bit more easier to understand. For example in my reading with “Texting and Writing” By Michaela Cullington, I tried the method that Bill told us to try. I studied the first paragraph for awhile and then I tried to connect the following paragraph to each other. The result that I found was each paragraph has a meaning that supports the paragraph before and each paragraph always connects to the main idea or thesis of the essay. This information really meant a lot to me because approaching reading in this perspective, helped me out with my reading and writing skills. Making me pick my words carefully and making a bridge between paragraphs. Overall I’m glad Kat brought up this discussion because the information we discussed was really helpful and it sharpened by literacy skills.

Thanks, Dalt.

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